Wednesday, May 19, 2004

rain, rain, rain.

Rain depresses me sometimes. I don't know why, but whenever it rains, I feel like crawling into bed and not talking to anyone. My friend Angie is different. Rain makes her bright smile even bigger and cooler, as she seems to convey this "i wish i was 4-years-old out playing in the pouring rain" face. There's this awkward moment I always feel when it rains...the one that if I'm walking outside and it begins to rain, I want to do everything in my power to avoid it. I walk faster or maybe even run to class but why? It's water--not frogs! But yet, I still feel like if my mission is to not get wet I get very angry if I end up getting wet. But then, if I change my attitude and decide that I don't care if I get drenched, standing out in the rain seems almost therapeutic. The first small group of the year last fall was held outside in the pouring rain and it was incredible. The noise was bursting down from the sky with thousands of drops filling up our hooded sweatshirts as Yoder talked about God in his life. I suppose I like rain when it's experienced in this type of setting. But normally, especially in the mid-afternoon...I find myself being disappointed whenever it starts to rain. The sound of it is cool, the flooding appearance is great...but it just does weird things to my mood.

I'm listening to the Johnny Cash cover of "Desperado" right now and it's great---perfect to hear considering what I'm thinking/feeling right now. I took a break from editing the Shakespeare video I'm doing for Shakespeare class after the power went off and scared me into thinking I might have lost everything. But I didn't. Thank God. Anyways, I should probably get back to it. Hope everybody's Tuesday is a little brighter and more uppity than it is here in Upland, Indiana. Oh yeah, and did I mention I never have to take another french class again? Don't get me wrong..I love the language, I just can't stand taking any more of it in the classroom. If I learn it in the future it will be from living in Paris, not from listening to an American try and teach it to me. Ugh. I admire foreign language teachers...I could never do what they do. Au revoir le francais...Je regrette, mais je suis beaucoup "relieved." :)

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