Thursday, May 27, 2004

Bonhoeffer documentary.

I just finished watching the last bit of "BONHOEFFER", a really fascinating documentary I rented last night and was quite surprised at how good it was. It's low budget, but some of the interviews and footage of Hitler and other footage pertaining to the Third Reich was so interesting. I was afraid the documentary was going to just be a gospel-film-altar-call, but it wasn't. It told the story of Bonhoeffer in such a compelling manner, I can't imagine people of any or no faith not having some type of positive response towards it. Bonhoeffer was a man the church needs to look to more today...especially for how he said Christians need to stand by victims in society even if the victims aren't Christian or part of the church. It's interesting to think of the many areas we Christians are failing in when thinking about America today and who the victims of society or the church really are. Maybe being a feminist is actually what Christians are supposed to do (I mean 'feminist' in the way that Betty Friedan, and other early feminist writers thought of it as--equal rights all around--pushing toward an egalitarian society). Maybe we Christians need to forget the bad label that comes with standing by victims (Bonhoeffer accused by many pastors as heretical--since he was standing up for Jews...and therefore, was anti-God b/c he was standing up for Jews). I don't know. Just a thought. Either way though, you should rent this movie the next time you're out and feeling like the Blockbuster shelves are a little scarce for good movies---this one is educational AND it's good. Give it a try. Happy thursday. au revoir.

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