Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Okay, two things i discovered tonight: one, a huge pet peeve of mine is watching a movie with a group of people (a movie that i love and feel very strongly towards) and watch as they talk sporadically all the way through it about useless subjects. Also, if they get up and leave for 10 min. at a time and say, "I won't miss much, will i?" I don't understand this at all. Okay, second thing...I can't stand sitting by and listening to other Christians who condemn and talk ill/bad of another Christian who seems to be struggling with alcohol. OR, worse...they're not struggling, they're drinking and not getting drunk, but they're a Christian and since they are one, they shouldn't do it. I sat and listened tonight as some friends of mine and their family bashed this brother in Christ and basically spoke of how his fate was going to end up in "eternal lostness" if he didn't straighten up. Part of me wanted to speak up, but the other part of me won out and I said nothing. It wasn't going to be worth it....or at least, that's what I kept telling myself. I wanted to say, "Stop this! It's all or nothing with you people and that's just a scary way to live as Christians in some areas..." but I didn't of course. I'm a wimp most of the time when it comes to stuff like this. So next time you watch a movie with me that I love, please just watch and don't get up and leave and just sit there in silence. Even if you hate it for will help me out a lot. Tonight, I almost lost it. Perhaps I need some work in this area. Oh well. Good night.

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