Tuesday, May 11, 2004

new jersey friends.

People are different. I realize this, yet, I'm constantly demanding the same response from others. I want them to have what I have...or better put, I want them to think the same thing I do. That sounds horrible, but it's true. If this did happen, life would be terribly boring and uneventful and just not very exciting at all. But yet, I still expect this out of others. I talked to my new jersey friend Tara tonight and she pointed me in the right direction on this regarding the blog entry I wrote about the person who thought thinking and experiencing movies was bad or just 'not for them.' She told me how for some people that just isn't there thing and that I shouldn't dismiss them as unimportant or not valuable just because of the opinion they hold. She's right. I'm wrong. I guess I was more upset with the insensitivity of this person and his lack of wanting to think deeper on things in life, but that's not an excuse for treating him with contempt and little grace. I've noticed I do that a lot lately---hold a few people in contempt and dispense grace to who I feel deserves it from me. If they're faithful to me or friendly to me and encouraging, they get grace. If they aren't, then they don't. That's bad theology, bad thinking and bad grace...I realize this. I'm trying to stop it but it's hard. Thanks Tara though for pointing me in the right direction. Sometimes I need a real good quick b/c yes, if you couldn't tell, I'm stubborn when people don't agree with me at first. ;) Good night.

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