Sunday, May 16, 2004

dogville day.

I saw this movie called "Dogville" today with Shorb and Chalupa and it was easily one of the oddest movies I've seen in a long time (and that's saying a lot coming from me). It was how this woman named "Grace" came to a small, sick town...who was spiritually and emotionally dead. At first, they couldn't receive "Grace," and then, once they did, they cherished and loved every moment of living in "Grace." (Can you tell, there's something going on underneath here? I think the director was using it as a metaphor or something) Then, the towns people slowly realize what grace is like, and start to abuse it. They take advantage of grace, until it becomes a personal obsession-exposure kick. Once they've reached the ultimate low, no one in the town can see how low they've sunk and how far they've fallen, yet, there's grace, there waiting to be accepted and received still. Near the end (I'm thinking most people won't and possibly shouldn't see this movie---it's more like a 3 hour long sermon than an actual movie-movie), grace and judgment meet (metaphorically speaking) and the town is damned. They've had their chances and they abused it to death. After it was over, it got me thinking of how much we do this to Jesus and the gospel. We cheat on him (like Don Miller references we do in "Blue Like Jazz") in so many ways...whether it's with sin or exploring other religions to see which ones fit us the best or any other things that make us bat our eyes in the other direction...away from Jesus' love and grace and forgiveness. The character "Grace" in the film was so close to a Christ figure, it was scary. In one scene, she's being raped by someone she knows well b/c they think they own her and can just take advantage of her. She allows it (as Jesus does usually) but is hurt by it. She weeps. She's torn with the love she has for this people in the town of Dogville (interesting name--possibly referring to the state of the people and how they act more like dogs in the end than human beings) and sees how their abuse of her love and grace is tearing them apart on the inside. It's such a poignant film (I'm not sure if that's the right word--but it fits now) because it has so much in it to take in, pull apart and dissect. Many scenes hit me hard and I immediately could relate to some similar experience in my own life. A time where I was raping the name of Jesus by continuing to sin or refusing to receive his love and compassion. It was a heavy afternoon to say the least. I'll miss Castleton Arts after I leave Taylor, but I know L.A. will have plenty of other independent movie theaters to satisfy my soul. :) Big day tomorrow attempting to edit this video project for class so I must get some sleep. Night all.

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