Wednesday, August 25, 2004

worship in america.

i was in chicago last saturday for the day, and while in Niketown (the ultimate Nike store where anybody who's anybody playing sports, visits) i saw a huge glass hanging piece on the wall with what looked like the store's mission statement (and the company possibly) etched and engraved into the glass. so many thoughts and good things (and bad things) came to mind after reading it with my jaw cracked open, i had to write it down. it really is fascinating.

"In Europe, they say you can tell which city you are in by looking at the church spires. Here in America, it is much the same; visitors need only look to our stadiums--our cathedrals of sport--to orient themselves.

This is nowhere more true than in Chicago, where these venerable structures stand not only as landmarks, but as stone and steel testimonials to the power of sport. Like those churches of Europe, each posesses its own recognizable characteristic. And like those churches, each is a place of worship.

Niketown Chicago is dedicated to the same spirit of reverence that built those edifices, and which moves us to gather together to watch full-grown adults at play."



Chalupa said...

wow! does that not scream idolatry?

Neville said...

my initial thought exactly chalupa---but later, when i read it again, i thought how it's also a pretty good indication that humans were created to worship. so yes, idolatry, but also...hints at the existence of God in a weird way.

Chalupa said...

that's a good thought. i didn't think of that. very insightful

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