Monday, August 30, 2004

mr. personality

i took the DISC profile personality test today--for the second time this summer--and once again, was reminded of the many weaknesses i'm currently facing as 22-year-old male in society today. according to the book, i am guilty of all of the following (and a few more i'm forgetting):

WEAKNESSES: talks too much, oversells, doesn't follow through, verbally manipulative, misjudges capabilities, rarely finishes things tasks started, overcommits, etc.

now, maybe it's just me, but when i read this and i am me, i get a little frustrated. sure i can look at the STRENGTHS section and see what characteristics i may have dead on, but it was this section alone (WEAKNESSES) that i found myself connecting with more personally. in the strengths' pool of characteristics, only a couple of the 8 really stood out to me. maybe that means i'm not as optimistic as the test would lead me to think i am (it had "optimistic" under one of my supposed strengths) but then again, maybe i am. it's all very confusing and sometimes, although i love talking about this kind of stuff with people, i get a little heavy-headed after all this personality talk stuff. yes, i need to talk less and listen more. yes, i need to slow down and be me rather than always being on the go. yes, i need a whole lot of work. it just seems a little overwelming and foolish to take on so much all at once, knowing that in 2 weeks from now i'll probably forget how many of these weaknesses i posess and quit thinking about them all together. perhaps it's part of society's information overload problem and i'm just jumping on for the over-indulgent ride to hell and back. i don't have a clue. all i know is, i talk too much and don't listen enough. this alone trying to deal with will keep me busy till' at least...october. but then again, i probably will still be struggling with it then too. i give up--at least for tonight anyways. goodnight all.


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