Thursday, August 05, 2004

christian bookstores and me.

i want to support other christians. i want to give my money away to people who only buy t-shirts that say "I'm not going to be left behind, are you?" on the front. i want to support my brothers and sisters in Christ. really, i do. however, in my case, it takes just one trip to the local family christian bookstore to take that desire away completely (or just stamp it out and squeeze it to near-death for a while). is it just my area or are the people who work at these places just not like jesus is/was/would be (in my eyes anyways) at all!? they are either rude, mean, and piously reserved...or over-the-top-campy-cheery, smiling at you with a "i'm-only-smiling-because-i'm-a-christian-and-im'-working-here-and-that's-what-you-expect-me-to-do" type of expression. maybe i'm being judgemental and haven't explored the thousands of chrisitan bookstores out there with people who are honest, authentic and transparent about their faith; i don't know. however, i will say that if i wasn't a christian already, visiting a christian bookstore would give me one more reason for me not to join the club. that is, the family members' perks club. okay, i'm being just as mean as they are...i better stop before i relive the unpleasant monday experience in my head again.

oh, and happy birthday to little sister who just aged up to two full ten-finger hands!!! i love you bay! --love, nay.


Lij said...

Remember that article by the guy from GQ? Life Aboard the Ark? That's still how I feel about Christian bookstores.

Ben said...

As someone who is currently employed by a Christian bookstore, I have to agree with the idea that they're probably more harm than good. Don't worry, Neville, if you ever come into my store, I'll treat you well. Unless you buy Left Behind. If you do that I might have to refuse service for your own good. I'm sure a large number of snide comments would also be aimed in your direction. I would just be speaking the truth in love.

Jamin said...

AND, no matter what bookstore you go to, any product you buy is marked up like 300% from ANYWHERE else you could find it. for example, last year when the new Further Seems Forever album came out, Shorb and Su went to Best Buy to get it, where it was only 9.99, WITH a sampler CD from Tooth and Nail. but they only had two copies. and so i went to The Giving Tree the next day to see if they had it, and they did, but it was 19.99!! with no sampler cd!! ridiculous. christian book stores are probably the only place you can buy a Bible for 100 dollars.