Tuesday, August 03, 2004

trip to the dentist!

i just got back from my 6-month checkup/cleaning and a funny thing happened to me while reclined with various dental tools inserted into my mouth. kirsten leaned over me, cleaning my teeth--her eyes staring down at me, while i tried not to make eye contact. GRRRRRRRRWWWWWOOOOL. "Oops, sorry about that--guess im' ready for lunch." kirsten's stomach growled into my right ear like it was in stereo. i smiled with my mouth wide open. 2 miutes later, it happened again. "Wow, i am really hungry!" this time, my eyes seemed a little uneasy. is she going to explode? i thought. 2 minutes later, almost to the second, another growl. this time, she didn't even acknowledge it. i think she thought i didn't hear it to her drilling away at polishing my teeth with rasberry filling but on the contrary, i heard it quite well. 2 minutes later, again!! i kid you not...we're goin on four, long, 3-4 second stomach-grumblings. now, i almost started to laugh. "is it almost time for lunch yet?? (chuckle) gosh, i'm sorry about that." "it's okay," i muttered. and then i thought about what it would have been like to totally lash out in disgust, yelling at the top of my lungs for my dental hygenist to go get a bite to eat so i wouldn't have to hear her stomach rumble once more. it would've been funny but i didn't do that. i just layed there, smiling a little more, and thinking of how odd something like this really is.

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Chalupa said...

As Uncle Ben would say, "with great power comes great responsibility." i think in situations like this we need to ask ourselves, "what would crazy beth do?"