Thursday, August 19, 2004

scenes from 'the good girl.'

I just watched a little bit of "THE GOOD GIRL," last night and I forgot about a few parts in it---two in particular that i was laughing very hard at. I don't recall it being this funny the first time i saw it, but watching it again, I was loving both of these scenes. Here's a set up. Jennifer Anistor ('Friends') plays Justine, who works at this texas-hickville small-town grocery store and hates her life. She's leaving after a day at work and is stopped by this security guard who's a giddy, bible-belt christian. The scene begins:

Security Guard: "Hey Justine, can I talk to you for a second?"

Justine: "Yeah."

Security Guard: "I was just curious, have you ever been to a Bible study?"

Justine: "....yeah."

Security Guard: "Yeah, well we gotta good one going on every Wednesday at the First Church of Nazarene. Rodney comes, Benita comes. You got any interest in reading the Bible?"

Justine: "I have my know---beliefs."

Security Guard: "Well we don't speak fire and brimestone. 'Ten commandments', gotta live by those. Other than the usual ways, we're not interested in scaring people....we're about loving Jesus." (big smile)

Justine: "...Yeah, i kinda like my nights to myself."

Security Guard: "Well maybe you'll have night after night of eternal hellfire all to yourself. (serious stare) Just kidding (laughs and smiles)---drive safe."

...AND HERE IS THE SECOND SCENE THAT HAD ME CRACKING UP (picture the grocery star and Justine approaching a new young employee played by Jake Gyllenhal who's a cashier at the store:

Justine: "Watcha readin'?"

Holden: "Catcher in the Rye....I'm named after it."

Justine: "What'schyour name? Catcher?"

Holden: "Holden. After Holden Caufield. He's the main character."

I don't really recommend the movie to most people b/c most people would probably hate it, but i must thank Liz Boltz for urging me to see it. I'm glad I did this time around even if I wasn't happy about seeing it the first time. Then again, I hadn't read "Catcher in the Rye" prior to seeing it the first time. I guess if you like that book, you'll probably like this movie. Good day all.


Ben said...

That movie has one of my favorite lines ever. Holden yells: "I'm too intensified for you!"

Megan said...

"Other than the usual ways, we're not interested in scaring people....we're about loving Jesus."


I liked this movie even tho I didn't really enjoy Catcher in the Rye. My roommate last year bought the DVD without watching it and TOTALLY FREAKED OUT about the sex scenes. So then you know I had to watch it :p. Yeah, it's a little raw in some parts, but I still like it.

Lij said...

"Holden was a thief. And he was disturbed. I think we can learn something from all of this. Don't steal. Don't be disturbed."

Neville said...

liz, that quote is one of my favorites from the whole movie. although, i hate it when it comes in a way. i feel so bad for holden and then the store manager says that and i burst out laughing and then, am sad again. weird huh.

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