Wednesday, August 04, 2004

talk too much.

lately, i've been reminded of the importance of listening--and also reminded of how i don't practice it often enough. whether in solitude or with scatters of other people, i'm quick to talk and run off my mouth, rarely giving others a chance to speak. so for the past few days, i've been mumbling prayers in miday up to God...something like, "God help me be a better listener---even though it's annoying when i'm surrounded by people who never talk, and it seems impossible listen to someone else's wordless chatter." i make up excuses as you can see, and so, it's been hard for me to practice this little-known art called listening and hearing. anyways, tonight, God gave me the most obvious and blatant chance/opportunity to just listen to a friend. i won't give you all the reasons for this being so obviously from God, but let's just say that it was probably 20 minutes at least that i said no more than a word or two. and of course--as i knew it probably would--it was incredible and eye-opening. to hear someone...really hear them and listen and try and get inside of their being is just another face of God's mercy and grace, i'm convinced. for this, i thank God and Carrie--for being the vessel.

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Chalupa said...

I know you've definately become a better listener since I've known you Neville. Keep up the good work. Being a good listener is definately something we can all work on to be better at.