Sunday, June 27, 2004

Michael Moore vs. George W. Bush--what is it good for?

Unless you've been avoiding conversation and newspapers and TV shows for the past month, you've probably heard of a little film called "Fahrenheit 9/11". I saw it tonight with Dave Hoe (my Fall freshman year taylor roommate) and his girlfriend at a sold out showing here in Kalamazoo. We bought the last three tickets (a sign i take from God that i was supposed to see it---:) and all three of us watched in confusion as our current president gets beat to a pulp with savvy rhetoric, ultra emotionalism, and Mr. Michael "ficticious" Moore himself. Regardless of what you think of Mr. Moore (I personally have a hard time respecting the man, even though I appreciate a lot of what he has to say) this movie should be seen by any American who wants to be in discussion on the current ongoings of war overseas. now, i know this movie is extremely bias and is so pro-democratic and anti-republican that i probably shouldn't be praising it this much and that it will probably be the edge that costs George W. the election and Kerry to be the next president...but I can't help it. there's too much here that can't be dismissed and more importantly, it shouldn't. personal potshots at the president aside, the biggest thing about the movie that i struggled with was America and Mr. Bush and every other person in political power's inability to question/doubt why we are really at war. perhaps the coincidances are true and bush is behind much of the war for business gain or to keep friends happy or whatever. perhaps he didn't think as hard as he should've about the big "WHY" we are at war. whatever the answer may be (and there are many i'm sure) i was frustrated over and over again at the idea of a country that can't fess up and say "we're not perfect...we don't know everything...maybe we were wrong about this war and maybe we should apologize to soldiers and their families and the people of America," rather than constantly saying "this is a just cause" or "your son did not die in vain." I hate to say it, but this war isn't like WWII and Osama is not Hitler. It's much more grey and unclear and the enemy isn't asassinating millions of jews, christians, homosexuals, or medically disabled. that being said, you can't just treat it like it is. i'm frustrated (even though I know many good intentions were in line with Bush here) with our country right now...and i wonder what people my age thought during Vietnam when people were questioning the "WHY" we are at war factor. i know it will be a question we will never get a real answer for and never be able to totally understand, but we can keep questioning and can keep asking why before we support a president's decision, despite his religious affiliation. doing things in the name of God doesn't mean we should support a man. questioning his/her actions and if they are even biblically sound at all is much more of the response needed i think in a time like this. i think it may come down to a pride issue with christians....and possibly anyone who's unwilling to budge and say or think that maybe...perhaps men and women have died for our country for not the most noble reason or cause. i can't imagine what some parents of kids in the military must be going through, having to cope through this realization after hearing from their kids who are serving in Iraq or anywhere else. i can't imagine their frustration. and how much harder it must be when a president can't honestly admit this to these parents...admit that maybe, he was wrong.

maybe i'm being too hard on Bush and don't know tons of other stuff that he's dealing with. heck, it's easy (kind of) to make a film criticizing someone---the president, no less---and do little to help change. but maybe this is my helping. maybe this is all i can do. think, talk to others, ask questions, talk to people who've been around for longer than i have, and see what the rest of the country thinks. i don't know. i'm confused...still. what's new. just see the movie and tell me what you think. Dave, Kathleen and I talked for over an hour about it after the movie, and i hope more americans and christians will do the same. good night.

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Chalupa said...

Movie sounds like something I need to see. I'm planning on it sometime. Mahan and I went to a screening of Napoleon Dynamite today. Also watched House of Sand and Fog last night. Both really good.