Monday, June 14, 2004

the love sermon, part 2.

today in church pastor bob spoke on love again and in one part of his talk, something he said made me think of my own life and God, and why God chooses to put up with me sometime. I sat there and again, was puzzled by the thought of a love and grace that could embrace me no matter what, and forgive and forget my sins every new day that comes. I thought of God, sitting beside me and following me around like a cat (like Anne Lamott describes it in her book "Traveling Mercies"--read it, it's good) and wondered why he never gets sick or fed up with me. I wondered why he continued to trust me with this huge command to love others, and then i thought of how cool it was that i'm not alone in this call, and that other people are called to the same thing. It seems like it shouldn't be so difficult for Christians, but the more i've thought about "Saved!"and people (myself included) around me, the more i'm convinced that we christians are just too set sometimes, and too comfortable with where were at to make any sudden, jolting moves in our lives. why do i always talk up the call of loving others and yet carefully select who i will choose to love? i don't know. but the more bob kept talking the more i kept thinking of how much i fail God and yet, he continues to pursuit me and follow me around sometimes like some annoying cat, pestering to be picked up, embraced, admired, worshiped, etc. i use to think this concept was stupid and that God was stupid for continuing to put his trust in humans...but then, i think again and realize that it's really pretty amazing and radical and controversial and mind-blowing and powerful. i guess we humans just tend to undermine and de-radicalize it (yes, new word, just made it up) which is maybe where we need to stop and start all over again. who knows? not me. happy sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Neville,
Good post--a lot I could say, but maybe I'll save it for an email. Could you send your email address. There was an article in our paper today about a local film festival I thought you might enjoy reading and I was going to see if I could send it via email.
Have a good day! Yvonne