Sunday, June 20, 2004

is there such a thing as a visually perfect day?

one think i'm looking forward to about moving to L.A. is the weather. i know i'll miss the michigan fall and for a day or two, the white blanket covering the grass from december to february. but all in all, i'm really looking forward to the sunny days and breezy nights of L.A.. today, i seem to be more acutely aware of this after going out this morning garage sale hopping, with a mid-60's temperature of air rushing under my feet in between my sandals. the sun is out, brighter than ever and every glance outside promises a small dance from the trees with their green leaves leaning slowly toward the earth and then, back upward to the sky. as i drove from garage to garage earlier, i tried to think of a more perfect day and i couldn't. it kept me silent and with no one riding with me, disallowed me from talking my head off which is maybe why i liked it so much. i know i don't wish that every day would look like this, but i do wish that more of them did. i've learned something about myself over the years and that is how sensitive my mood is in relation to the weather. it's hard for me to happy and joyful when it's raining or grey, but when days like today happen, it seems that joy and happiness are inevitable. i wish i could take a picture and send it to you and have the day play out for a few minutes in front of your face, in between your fingers, but alas, technology has yet to come up with such a thing. for now, my feeble word descriptions will have to do. but please trust me when i say it is, literally, breathtaking.

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