Tuesday, June 29, 2004

harold, maude and the end of my three-and-a-half weeks of parenting.

worship arts camp finished up last night and all the kids were wonderful. i especially took to one little 8-year-old girl named jennifer, who after the show told me she wanted to be an actress now when she grows up. she had never done drama before, so it was cool to see her get so excited about something so new to her. it was also funny how serious she took the whole thing. whenever we were rehearsing, she had the most serious look on her face and would not for the life of her smile. despite having only one front tooth at the moment, jennifer said her lines with a stoned expression on her face, which made it all the more "precious." every time she recited her line, i looked to the choir director and shook my head...asking nonverbally, "could she be any cuter?" i'm a sucker for little kids, what can i say. even though i try to be hard on them when they need to hear it, i still melt when kids like jennifer ask me a question. i know i know, i've been around kids too long, but i wish you could've seen her. b/c when all was done, she was her old self....laughing and smiling and back into jennifer-character. perhaps i'll post a picture of her and the rest of the group later. we'll see.

well, tomorrow night, my parents return home from europe and i give the reigns of holding down the household back to them. i'm actually way more ready than i thought i would be for them to come home. it's been too annoying the last few days to have to deal with things that really, only parents can or should deal with. i feel incompetent (more than ever now) and want the time to end. thankfully, it will in less than 24 hours. praise the lord.

the latest movie from the past i watched was a little 1971 cult classic, very dark romantic comedy called "Harold and Maude". if you liked "Punch-Drunk Love", you'll probably enjoy this simple little flick, filled with Cat Stevens songs and some very memorable moments. if you didn't like 'punch-drunk,' then don't bother. in one sentence, it's about how two people, one 21, and the other 79, slowly form a friendship and then, fall in love. it's a comedy, so don't be afraid to laugh (but keep in mind..it's old and the production sometimes is a little cheesy). the first time i tried to watch it, the first few scenes freaked me out and i turned it off. however,...ironically, i'll probably be buying this one sometime soon if i can find it for cheap. unless i hear back from dvd accountability partner...then i might wait. but i think even he'd want me to have this one. we'll see though. hope your monday was not like most mondays are.

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