Thursday, October 28, 2004

small group stuff.

okay, so it's my second time attending the mosaic movie small group (or "life group" as they're called here at Mosaic) and i hate to admit this, but i think i'm going to love it. at tonight's get together, we played games, talked about TV shows i had never seen, and collectively as a group, i was psychoanalyzed at the end as to what myers' brigg 4-letter tempermant i was. it's pretty neat to have people who don't know you, don't know your background, your family, or anyone else related to you, try and "pick" you out and "place" you into categories from only two casual, short visits. at the end of a much heated scattegories game (i was willing to bend the categories more than one or two people wanted to---for instance, when the subject was "STATES"...and the letter had to start with "B", no one else came up with a state that began with the letter "B", but I casually and confidently said I wasn't thinking in terms of states as in America, and that I was thinking in more of philosophical "states" of mind and such. of course, they didn't know me well enough to know that i was half-kidding, but anyways, so I answered/offered "BEING" as my answer.) to my surprise, they all were shocked and said things like, "i've never thought of that...but yeah, that makes sense! wow! so creative!"....i was giggling on the inside, even though i was personally convinced that "yes, it did make sense, and it was a perfectly good answer!"

so as i was saying, later, after game-playing was done for the night, two people in the group quickly asked me if i knew what my myers' brigg tempermant was. i said i did and they were like, "okay wait, let us guess!" and so i did. they both thought i was INTP, which is funny if you know what that means (I'm ENFP the last time i checked but think the E might be an I now actually). they both said i was a "P" (perceiving) b/c i didn't seem to like to play by the rules and always was seeking away from "J" (justice/judgement). interesting observation, right? then they thought i was "T" (thinking) primarily b/c of my stretched and "out of the box" answers. which, is just really funny b/c i'm probably extreme "F" (feeling---opposite of thinking) and so it struck me as humurous that they would say that. obviously they had never seen me at the end of watching a movie like "about schmidt," or "finding nemo." anyways, i found the night to be a complete delight. there's something just downright hilarious when people get you so right and when they get you so wrong, when it comes to what kind of personality you are. it's like you can shocked and appalled at the same time. whatever. all i know is, it was a very funny evening. hope yours was equally enjoyable. good night.


Anonymous said...

Neville --

I'm also an ENFP, but I started questioning my "E-ness" a few years back. I was told that Myers-Briggs types rarely change, though you may feel they do. What you see as an "E" changing to an "I" might actually be you sliding a little farther down the "E to I" scale. You could have been an extreme E when you were a freshman in college, but are now just a moderate E. Funny how we feel ourselves changing, eh? I actually love the Myers-Briggs test and love trying to figure people out, though admittedly I am usually wrong! Usually I end up liking people a lot more than I think I will.

I'm glad you've found a place you think you'll love! That's such a good feeling. Is southern California as Christianized as I imagine it? I hear Pasadena especially is a Christian hotspot, but perhaps that's because of Fuller's influence. Is Azusa Pacific also there? I am sure it's absolutely beautiful. Maybe Ben can do his PhD at Pepperdine in Malibu.

And have you ever seen that show Laguna Beach on MTV? It's complete teenage smut, but I am intigued by it and feel myself getting sucked into the imaginary (or real? haven't figured out if it's a reality show) lives of these beautiful teens. That is how the rest of the world sees California. And I can't wait for The O.C. to start next week.

Okay, enough ramblings...I could talk about TV all day.


Neville said...

You're probably exactly right. I'm sure I'm just sliding down the "E" scale a bit, although, even at the beginning of college when I took this test I wasn't that far from the "E" and "I" middle point.
That makes me feel good to know you're ENFP though. No wonder I look up to you so much! (okay, that was a very sarcastic and self-absorbed comment, so please, disregard it b/c after i wrote it i realized that it was not funny)

Neville said...

Oh Nikki, one more would've loved this group of TV talkers then. We hit on THE OC, SMALLVILLE, THE X FILES, ONE TREE HILL, FREAKS & GEEKS, THE APPRENTICE and many others that I have yet to see any episodes of. I felt very out of place here and realized my anti-TV days were going to have to be over if I was going to be friends with these people. :)