Monday, October 25, 2004

indian cuisine and familiar faces.

thanks to art and marty cosgrove (art is a pastor at my church back in michigan) visiting marty's parents who live in duarte, california, i was able to meet up with them for lunch today and eat my very first real, authentic indian meal. marty grew up in Pakistan so that is why she loves the food so much..and art, well i think he just liked it even before he met marty so that worked out good for both of them i guess. it was wonderful seeing faces from my home church, and being able to talk about michigan and RBC and my family with friends who know what i'm talking about. and as far as the food goes, i'm happy to report that i actually really enjoyed almost everything i tried. i guess i am what marty would call, "an adventuresome eater" after all.

after this, a few hours later, i met up with mister kevin sparks himself, the savvy wall street fellow taylor grad who now works in new york city. we ate at the cheesecake factory (a mini-tradition of ours) and had lots of laughs and caught up on each other's lives. after i dropped him back off at his hotel (he's in L.A. for the next two weeks), i had that sinking feeling set in of satisfaction-turned-nostalgia, and began to miss my taylor friends. i had a wonderful time, but i was sad in a way b/c i realized that this was how most of my friendships would eventually turn out in post-taylor years: random meetings every once in a blue moon over dinner, catching up on our lives, and quickly exchanging our "why we miss taylor" stories every now and then. so to any still in taylor person reading this, i encourage you like a good parent would (i'm not a parent but oh well) to don't waste the time you have left. you'll already be regretting how fast in went once you leave so there's no use in regretting also how you rarely took advantage of meeting people and getting to know those whom you never would think of getting to know. despite all its quirks and setbacks, taylor still is a pretty wonderful place.

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Ray said...

Agreed. Value the time while you have it. TU is special. I miss much about it, but I miss the friends I made there the most.