Wednesday, October 27, 2004

skipping around on a bike.

i've been meaning to do one of these two things for awhile, and yesterday, the urge was finally put into practice. i haven't been outside, officially bike-riding in a very long time. like, maybe two years or more. so yesterday afternoon, i decided to give it a whirl and soak up the unusually cool and Fall-smelling breeze of Upland, California and go for a ride. on my way out of the driveway, i thought about one more thing that i hadn't done in a long time that---like bike-riding---i did a lot of when i was little: skipping! now, i haven't tried to "skip" in years so when i tried it in the Guge's driveway, i was laughing outloud at myself (no one else around but i'm sure there were a few 'rear window'-window-eye-balling folks who were scratching their head wondering what this 22-year-old guy was doing skipping by himself down a driveway)...and it was a pretty great feeling to experience again. kind of like a nostalgic throw-back song from 1995, that when you hear it, you immediatly think of junior high and all your friends thinking it was the greatest song in the world. now, it seems to be somewhat forgotten.

after skipping for about 20 seconds (i got tired real fast), i hopped on the bike and realized just how much heavier i am now compared to when i was my scrawny 8-year-old self. balancing was weird, going up hill was like pulling teeth for my legs, and i suddenly got the horrible-yet-okay feeling that i was indeed getting older. yes, yes, i'm melodramatic about the entire thing, but i just found it funny that yesterday was the first of two things that had left my life for a seemingly long time and that when i came back to them, i felt old and wanted to be a kid again. and then i realized the irony yet again---when you're a kid, you want nothing more than to be an adult, and when you're an adult you usually want the opposite. another one of life's great paradoxes...and on that note, i'll leave you. but please, try skipping sometime this week if you haven't lately. it's such a weird thing to do and when you think of what you're actually doing while you're doing it, i guarantee you'll have a laugh or two. ok, good day.


Emily said...

Neville Kiser! Emily Kiefer here! got your blog from Matt Wissman's blog. happy to hear you are doing things like riding a bike and skipping and pondering life's paradoxes. i rode a bike for the first time in 10 years about 5 days ago! it was Anders' bike and i only rode it for maybe 20 yards. but anyway, we miss you at The Echo, and hope you're doing well :).

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhh-----bike riding--something we love--especially if it's relatively flat! ;-) Since we're home after a few days away, but still officially on vacation, we hope to do that ourselves on Thurs. AFTER--we finish Two Part Connection--just a few more pgs. to go. What a book! More on that later.