Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mean Girls In America

In a little over a week, it's my turn to lead my movie small group bible study and so, I get to pick a movie and am having a hard time deciding. Should I go with "Mean Girls" or "In America?" Hmmmm. We've been watching a lot of serious movies lately (i.e., "Seabiscuit," "Braveheart,") so that's why I'm leaning towards "Mean Girls" right now. But so much of me wants to pick "In America" because I don't think any of them have seen it. I can't decide. Maybe I should pray about it? 'Cause I know God has willed one over the other!

"Bye Mateo, Bye! Look after Frankie, look after Frankie!" Stop. The father stops speaking and waving and looks down to his daugher, as tears begin to swell up in his eyes. His daughter looks up at him and says, "Say goodbye to Frankie, Dad!----Dad...say goodbye to Frankie." A shot of the moon fills the screen, and the hardness is then broken.

In case you haven't seen it, that's a scene from "In America." Maybe tomorrow I'll do one from "Mean Girls" and make the decision off of that...but that's going to be hard to top for me I think.


Chalupa said...

dude just reading about that scene is emotional. i think you should go with In America.

Hewitt said...

Why didn't you quote "Mean Girls" Neville? And, did I see that you didn't like Morgan Freeman in High Crimes (one of your below posts). I saw that movie one time and it totally rocked.

Neville said...

Oh Mark Dennis know I saw "High Crimes" with you and we both despised it for trailer guy alone describing it as... "ONE WOMAN, ONE MAN, ONE BAD CRIME, ALL COME TOGETHER ON A SEARCH TO DISCOVER (stop music--long pause)...THE TRUTH!!!" And Chalupa, I'm going back and forth. Something tells me "Mean Girls" would be a nice, I'm worried that if they don't like "In America" as much as I did, I'd be crushed.

Chalupa said...

That is a good thought there Neville. Not everybody loves movies like we do. Mean Girls is definately lighter and funnier and easier to handle.

I'm making lots of mexican food and people are coming over on saturday. Wish you were here to partake.

Tara said...

Worrying that people won't share my opinions about movies is one of the reasons I stopped giving them.