Friday, March 11, 2005

I hate shopping for birthday cards

I don't care what anyone says about this, but there is no good birthday card left at any drugstore or wal-mart or hallmark shop in southern California. Which is pathetic, ridiculous and frustrating.


Chalupa said...

a lot of times if i have to buy a card i get one that doesn't match the occasion. they're usually funnier that way

nateshorb said...

wow...three times over? you're really upset about this!

i can't believe i am being "that guy" here, the one to make fun of the obvious. unoriginal. lame. sorry.

Neville said...

chalupa, i always want to do that, but never have the guts to. nate, i had to read your comment 8 times before i got it. the first part was clear the second part was, "huh???" Sorry about the repeats...blogger goes crazy and freezes up and publishes when you don't even know it!

Now i'm stating the obvius. Oops.