Monday, February 14, 2005

A Grammy Tribute

Don't get me wrong or anything, but after watching much of the Grammy awards show (and fast-forwarding through most of it--thank God for tiVo) I couldn't help but say that the Tsunami tribute performance by Bono, Stevie Wonder, Norah Jones, Steven Tyler, Alicia Keyes, etc., etc, of the Beatles' song "Across the Universe" was a bit of a let down. I would've much rather had Rufus Wainwright doing his cover of the song up there, by himself. Now that would make me want to rush to iTunes and download it (if I didn't already own it).

No big surprises this year...Ray Charles won many, Alicia Keyes is still one of the most talented mainstream artists around (did you see her play that piano and belt out those tunes???).

However, my biggest complaint about this year's Grammys was the lack of awards presented. I think for the duration of the 3 and a half hour show, there were about 8 awards presented. I feel bad for all of those this year that were told, "oh, we're doing your award before the show...sorry." What a let down.

But do I really care all that much? Nahhh. If it were the Oscars it'd be another story, though.


nateshorb said...

i was a sucker for the intro conglomerate performance, and i was also pleased green day got a performance spot. i avoided most of the show besides that.

Joe said...

I was hoping for a premature death about halfway through that crapfest of a performance by a rag-tag group of lackluster musicians. It was terrible. (Sorry flank). Anyway - either of you, Neville or Shorb should e-mail me sometime -