Thursday, February 17, 2005


Congratulations to my little buddy of a car Skyy Cordy (thank you Tara for the inspiration back in 2003 for the name) for making his 200,000th mile tonight on the way home from classes in Pasadena. As I shared with a friend, I feel like I should've done something for him to commemorate such a milestone but I didn't really. And what's worse is that I was talking to another friend on the phone when it happened and so my feeble attempts to take pictures (yes, I was driving 70mph and taking pictures at my odometer) didn't go that smoothly.

I hope he can forgive me. Perhaps I will take my friend's advice and treat him to a nice car wash tomorrow or something. The bird poop is beginning to pile up spots.

Thank you Cordy for such a wonderful ride. I hope the next 200,000 miles is just as sweet.


nateshorb said...

i really didnt think skyy would mind that you werent throwing a party, but the fact that you were TALKING ON YOUR PHONE WHEN IT HAPPENED is inexcusable.

Chalupa said...

please tell skyy cordy congrats for me. wish i could've been there for such a momentous occasion.