Saturday, February 26, 2005

Before the Dream

What is this life?
Taken up in the night sky,
Together, and off-balanced;
Changing always today
With tomorrow the same;
lost and found--yet, here am I.

What is this time?
When we touch just to breathe,
When we love just to feel,
And we can't reverse the
'Seeing over hearing';
Can you take it any more?

What is this night?
Running into darkness,
Walking into the light,
Always fighting while still
Never winning it quite,
Is this what you want from life?

What is this place?
Please don't leave me alone.
Blankets cover my self,
Pillows cover my eyes;
I want it and I don't,
Is this life a paradox?

For who can know what dreams will come
When dust is back and I am gone,
And fear is lost behind the sun,
Then I shall speak this prayer with love,
'Please say everything will be alright,
Please say all will be well tonight.'

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