Monday, January 03, 2005

My first New Year's resolution, a success!

Because I'm not big into resolutions for the new year, I figured I could capitalize on one of my many "goals" and so I'm changing the template of my blog. Yes, I know what you're thinking: what a remarkable expectation to hold over oneself. I thought the same thing. But I look at it as a way to pat myself on the back which gives me that extra boost of 'you've completed your goal' energy that might just make me a highly effective person without the seven daily habits.

I'm gonna beat the formulaic system to personal self-worth and success. I really am.

Here's to new blog templates all around. Cheers.

1 comment:

Magicfingers said...

I'll drink to that............I like your new look. I should do mine too, but I think I'm too lazy. Maybe later. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!