Monday, January 17, 2005

The Globes

What a really weird night for the Golden Globes. So many weird turns and so many surprises, or rather...unexpected wins (aside from Jamie Foxx's win for "Ray"---was there even a question he would win?).

Well, I think I'm just about ready to compile up and finalize my top ten list for 2004 but I'm still having a tiff coming up with my favorite/best film of the year pick. It's hard b/c normally, I choose that one (the number one) and go from there. And usually, it's easy and it stands out high and tall above the rest (i.e., 2003="In America," 2002= "Punch-Drunk Love," 2001= "Moulin Rouge," etc.) but this year is not the case. I still haven't decided what I should pick so don't be surprised if it's a wild card.

Yay Hilary Swank too for winning...although, I wish Morgan Freeman would've won instead of Clive Owen. Owen was great, but Morgan...come on, he's (as always) breathtaking. Kiss-kiss Uma...I hope you at least get nominated for "Kill Bill" at the Oscars. If not, you have a special place in my heart. A small place, but a special one at that.


Lij said...

Uma's got a special place in my heart, too. That's why I named my car after her.

Jamin said...

i assume our running bet at the Oscars is on for this year as well? do you want to do it like we did last year, too, where we get one pick for "who we think will win" and one pick for "who we wish would win"? let me know what you want the bet to be. if youll be around any time and want to buy me another Monte Cristo from sweet sweet Bennigans when you lose...just let me know.