Tuesday, December 07, 2004

what you say, and how you say it.

first of all, everything i'm about to write i have a problem with myself. i just need to mention that in case i get too off the topic.

as you summer blog-readers might remember, nothing really upsets me more than people who get all bent out of shape over very tiny details, and who end up making other people miserable and guilty because of it. i think it's one of the most selfish things people can do to other people partly b/c it often goes untalked about or unaddressed, and the person rarely apologizes for their uncalled for response.

i'm speaking vaguely...i know, but this is what i mean simply: someone gets upset with you let's say and instead of just saying why they're upset with you, they treat you like you mean nothing and are a complete waste of a life. does this make sense? it's that kind of response that is unnecessary and even when i'm on the receiving end and may very well be wrong, i'm not sure why my apology has to be met with such a maliciously cocky tone. i can only apologize so much. when you still continue to treat me like as if i've yet to admit i was wrong, that hurts. this happened to me recently and it really bothered me. i wanted to say something, like, "i understand and see where i was wrong, but your way of handling it is totally inappropriate," but i didn't b/c i felt like it would've been disrespectful. maybe i should have said it. i don't know.

just a word out there to any parent readers (this didn't happen recently with a parent but i can see it carry over here) who may have teens in the house, please, be patient and have mercy on your kids when they screw up. and remember, how you handle your anger with them says way more than what you actually say. kids tend to remember tone or style over substance and what exactly was said. there's my tip for the day...coming from the "victim" in a similar situation that i really really disliked being caught up in. good night all.

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