Tuesday, December 14, 2004

the perks of being a "Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker."

I never would have guessed it, but according to the experts over at www.worldviewweekend.com--who evidently majored in A Solid Biblical Worldview in college--I am a Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker. Now, many of you might fear that I would go nuts after reading my scores to their "check-your-worldview-and-see-how-good-a-Christian-you-really-are" test, but I didn't. Quite the contrary, I was flattered and actually encouraged! Thank goodness they classify me as that! Since I'm confident to know that my own views of Scripture factor into my worldview, and considering their size-me-up-in-30-minute test tells me I'm a godless young man, I'm guessing the middle ground of the two of these is probably a humanist-minded Christian who likes to listen to 'secular' music while reading his new testament and psalms Bible.

When I read my score (a 43% in possessing a SOLID BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW--hopefully my parents aren't reading this) I was so happy! I think I would've cried if I had scored much more b/c most of the questions were politically far right-conditioned, as opposed to purely Biblical. And besides, what the heck was that George W. Bush question/statement all about? I had no clue, so I put "NO OPINION" to which I'm sure they docked me many points for that.

In other news, I finally watched the disaster global warming movie "The Day After Tomorrow," and despite all the mixed reviews I heard, I was pleasantly surprised after watching it. Overacting. Melodramatic. Cheesy dialogue. Campy. Big. Disastrous. Special effects that are both eye-popping and ridiculously fake-looking. These are just a few of the ways I would describe this fun, watch-America-get-destroyed movie. Sure, the plot was hard to swallow, the acting was--thanks to the script--way too "What are we going to do now? --We're going to do our very best to survive!," but I STILL enjoyed it. Maybe it was b/c I hadn't seen any mainstream movies in awhile. Maybe it was because I really, deep down, wanted to see Los Angeles destroyed. Whatever the case, I'd be lying if I said I didn't semi-enjoy taking in and wondering if my own day after tomorrow would look something like the day after the day before today did. But I guess that's understandable considering I'm a secular humanist worldview thinker. Of course I'd like a movie about global warming! As far as the Solid Biblical Worldview Thinker crowd goes, global warming either doesn't exist or is God's way he will use to bring the end of the world into being. It could never be thought of as the result of careless Christian living, could it?

Too much writing for today. Good night fellow secular humanist worldview thinkers. I guess we all have a long way to go before Glory.


Tara said...

Hey, I'm a secular humanist too, with a little bit of Socialism thrown in for good measure! My favorite part of the test was that there were "correct answers!" Cracks me up!

Anna Mae Tomco said...

Yay! I am also secular humanist according to that same test. I took it knowing full well that it would tell me to go to church, which I do, or to go to Bible study. They don't give you points for teaching sunday school (which I do), yet they dock points for beind a liberal... hm... I think they're just the Bush administration disguised as a christian group...