Wednesday, December 22, 2004

U2, Movies, and Mr. Ed

It amazes be that a band that's been around as long as U2 has been can still put out good songs, inside of a good album. I listened to their new CD "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" and was loving every bit of it. It's classic U2 stuff so if you're a fan of them at all, go ahead and do yourself a favor and get it. (Thank you Tara for enlightening me, again!)

Also, as the year is winding down and "Oscar" movies are slowly being released before Dec. 31st, I'm constantly fine-tuning my own top ten list (something i'm convincedonly serious film lovers do---i've come to realize/learn that it's not uncommon for you to say, "oh that's in my top ten!" about a current movie and have it be generally understood as an impressive, informative remark). Obviously, "Finding Neverland," "Kill Bill: Volume 2" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" are all part of my wonderful 10 best list (a list in progress), but I'm still holding out on a few more films...waiting to see if they sneak in under the radar and capture my enjoyment/delight. I'm obsessed, I realize this. But at least I'm not in denial.

The Show "Mr Ed" is on right now and I have to say that I really really really dislike this show. I realize it's an old show and so, it probably played better back then...but I'm not anti-B&W television shows nor am I anti-50s-era sit-com premises (heck, my favorite show of all time is "I Love Lucy") but this show really bothers me. Whenever I catch a minute of it, I find myself growing madly angry as I think "I will not laugh here even if it is so stupid and bad and horrible it's funny." I realize this is an unusual response to have to such a seemingly harmless show, but I suppose my thoughts are what they are. I just don't like the fact of a grown man constantly running to a horse for advice, and big friendly ear to hear his thoughts/complaints in life. It's a SIT-COM! I know, I know...but STILL, it's annoying and ridiculous and if I ever were to meet any of the people laughing on the show's laugh track in real life, I'd probably do something I would really regret.


Michael Leahy said...

Hey, don't forget the foreign-language Oscars. There are some cracking movies in there: "Motorcycle Diaries", "Kontroll", "The Sea Inside" (gosh, foreign-language films with English titles, whatever next - draft beer in a can?).

Neville said...

"Motorcycle Diaries" is already in the top ten...probably top five, but we'll see. I haven't seen "The Sea Inside" but from what I've heard, that may very well be too. Although, I'm holding out for "Bad Education" you like Almodovar? ("Talk to Her?")?