Sunday, November 28, 2004


at thanksgiving every year, we always take time to go around the table and tell what we are thankful for. this year, my dad decided that we should first tell what we are thankful for in terms of "sensory experiences." meaning, of touch, taste, sight, sound, smell...what are some of our most memorable ones (when it comes to things in our lives) that we're thankful for. i shared one but wanted to mention 3 here b/c i thought it was such a good thing to think on this year.

1. The Upland, Indiana night sky...where the stars are so full and scattered it makes the city life just a tad more sad. there's no replacing the beauty of blackness with specks of shiny whiteness seeping through to the surface. it's one thing i miss a lot being in california...stars are more of a rarity there (thanks to the smog).
2. Every Halloween in middle school and high school, my mom would make this apple cider stew of good smells, and it would simmer low on the stove creating one of the most beautiful Fall smells i've yet to encounter.
3. Although I'm not a big fan of running, I must admit that running at night, where the air runs through me as I gaze up at the mountains between the Valley in California, it's really an overwelming sight and sound and touch that i experience. my ears hear the breeze, my arms and legs and shoulders feel it and when i close my eyes tight enough, i like to think that my eyes can see it.

The mystery and beauty of creation. This year, it's pretty high on the list.

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