Wednesday, November 03, 2004

mr. "W" is back.

i was wrong i guess. i thought kerry was going to win and yet, it looks like "W" made a much more comfortable win for himself this time around. i'm happy he won the popular vote (and technically, the majority of americans' vote---even clinton didn't get that, but that probably had to due with voter turn out...but still) and i'm also happy it's not going to go on for another 2 months. hopefully, the news media will catch the "election is over" drift, and stop reporting on it. i'm not sure about you, but since it started early this spring with Al Sharpton claiming he was gonna run, i've been waiting for it to end and just be over. go "W," and let's start turning things around for the better. au revoir.


Jamin said...

he already had four years to turn things around the better. i wouldnt count on four more to change anything.

anyway, i miss you, nagel. quite a bit, actually. ive been thinking about you a lot and well...yeah...i just miss you. :)

love you, buddy.

Neville said...

and i've had over 15 good years to turn my life around and start living right, but alas, i keep not getting it right. if mr. bush gets some grace and 4 more years to make things right, i'm all for it. especially if that means that i get some grace too. :) miss you too jamin.