Saturday, November 13, 2004

snowing leaves in southern california.

Southern California is often knocked for its near seasonless seasons but i would beg to differ. For instance, this afternoon--after running errands what felt like all morning and all day--i went for a run down 18th street, where the leaves have all basically turned to either red, yellow or an off-green color and are falling as we speak. the longer i ran, and the more windy it got, the more the leaves fell to the ground in huge sweeps...slow like snowflakes yet so much more beautiful in their own way then snowflakes. their huge, big, bright shapes bursting with color cluttered the sky on 18th street, blowing into cars and onto sidewalks alike. i ran through the falling leaves and felt a few land on my head, until a wind would catch them and blow them down to the ground. as i looked up in awe, seeing the sky turn bright behind the falling leaves, i felt grateful. Grateful to be in California, to be watching a sight like this, to be breathing in the crisp Fall air, and to be moving through time and air and spaces as the leaves fall from trees they've been connected to for so long. it was a very beautiful moment...quite possibly the highlight of my week.

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