Saturday, November 20, 2004

did i mention i love brennan manning?

i got to hear brennan speak for the first time this morning at azusa pacific's chapel and he was all that i thought he should be. i think i'm always needing words from him to bring me back into focus with Christ and the centrality of His message for our lives. it's just funny how quickly i seem to forget them. maybe i'll revist "ruthless trust" or "a glimpse of jesus," sometime soon. his books were part of my spiritual wake-up call last last spring while in L.A., so perhaps i should bring them back into my life a bit.

his big message/theme (as it always is) were these two questions: "do you believe God loves you?" and "do you believe God likes you as a person...just as you are and not as you should be?". i'm still dealing with that second question day by day.

happy friday. happy weekend. by the next post, i'll be cozying up in my home back in michigan. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't thrilled.


Jamin said...

well i know this is probably the most random comment ever. but ive been watching Viva La Bam, the show on MTV that Bam Margera started after Jackass. anyway...ive been watching this and i SWEAR, every time i see April, Bam's mom, i swear its ashley guge in like...forty years. im not even joking. i dont know if youve seen the show or not, so i tried finding a picture online. my options were really limited, i couldnt find a lot of pictures to begin with, and any picture i found was of her with a face like "OH MY WORD, I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT TO MY HOUSE". so this is as best i can do for you. but if you ever see the show on TV or something like that...just watch for a few minutes and i swear youll see it, too. anyway...sorry for the randomness. i love you, nagel!

Chalupa said...

dude that show's hilarious. my little brother is all big on it and made me watch a couple episodes with him once.

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