Monday, September 13, 2004

my hallmark moment.

i never thought this day would come but i guess i was reminded tonight how emotional of a guy i really am. i was watching the hallmark hall of fame movie tonight--something i've never done before--and whenever a commercial break comes, there is always at least one or more very long hallmark commercial / mini-movies, wanting to tug at the heart of any person sappy enough to watch it. well, i was making fun of these commercial short films until one, surprisingly, caught me off guard. it was about a little boy who is a good friend to a boy at school who really doesn't have any other friends and he comes home one day with a teacher's card in his backpack. his mother is skeptical and asks what it's all about and has he tells her (fine acting on the part of this little 8 year old boy) i found myself being pulled in--minute by minute--into this little boy's innocent, yet kind world. right before it was done and as the mom was reading the card from the teacher about her near-perfect son, i felt that tiny touch and tingle on the indside and knew that i was temporarily a big sucker. i laughed out loud--with a partial tear forming i'm ashamed to say--amazed at how a commercial could do such a thing to a person (but granted, it was about 3 minutes long--so not your normal commercial). however, i think this laugh was just a cover-up to not let mrs. guge know that it really had gotten to me. after it was over, i turned to her and said, "wow--can you believe that?" she was just as touched as I, and then, for a moment i didn't feel so stupid after all. maybe after 22 years of being a kid and never yet a parent, i've tasted a little bit of what parents must feel when their kids do great things. it's indescribable but i just wanted to confess that i am now one of those people who shamefully must admit that i was about to cry after watching a hallmark commercial. oh what california is doing to me. good night.

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