Sunday, September 26, 2004

a guy named Rob...and the L.A. freeway.

there's something distinctly personal when a city with more than a billion people in it can still manage to make you feel like you matter and that maybe, it's okay to call it your home. whether that's having right of way to the ever-ending freeways of L.A., or just feeling a sense of worth in a city consumed with political correctness, it's pretty refreshing to think you contribute to that billion+ population of people. i'm not sure exactly why it's refreshing, but it is nonetheless.

tonight, i went to my first L.A. get together with some friends from my internship and some of their friends and despite me not wanting to go at all, i have to admit, i had a pretty wonderful time. thank you to all who encouraged me to go.

now, this may be a bold statement, but i think a lot of people who choose freely to think as little as possible look forward and wait all the work-week to attend these weekend parties where their consumption of alcohol or cigarettes or the combination of both excuses them from behaving rationally. i just find it very funny when people who do this act almost the same without the consumption of any of these to begin with. tonight, there was one such guy named Rob and although he said no more than 20 words the entire night, his ice throwing at certain females (despite several demands from others to "STOP IT!") and wanting to go swimming when no one else is wearing a swimsuit and constant eye-glazed-over look on his face that lends itself to the "i'm good looking, don't you think?" stare expression AND his constant obsession with laughing at all the wrong times and intervening in conversation at all the wrong moments, makes me wonder how a guy like this does in the world outside of saturday night parties. when monday morning rolls around, and the time has come to be responsible, i can't help but picture Rob, sitting in his little cubicle, throwing paper airplanes over into other cubicles, giggling with glee as fellow employees "SSSH" and scoff at Rob's weekend-party ways.

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Chalupa said...

Dude I have quite a few old CentreMorris friends (Gavin would know most of them) who act just like Rob whenever I see them. I always wonder what they act like when they aren't around their college buddies.