Thursday, September 30, 2004

first round of fuller classes down, a few more to go.

okay, many have asked how classes are and i've been waiting to get back to people b/c they didn't start until just yesterday (tuesday). now, i've had each one of my classes at least once so I wanted to give a run down on them real quick.

systematic theology I: anthropology & more "ology" words I can't remember---this class i thought i would hate but i think i will like it. it's taught by this finland professor who speaks not-so-good english yet has an incredible heart for the Lord.

new testament 1: gospels---this class will be good...kind of like bib. lit. 2 from taylor, just supercharged. already i think i've had more reading than i had for the entire semester in taylor's bib lit class. yeaahhyyy!

christian apologetics---this class, i already love. i had it this evening and it was three hours of wonderful lecturing and class discussion on faith, reason, art, music, and how God is not above being in all things. many students spoke out and talked about God using "secular" music to change some Christian's hearts and then, one bright young female student spoke out claiming, "isn't just the fact that we divide our lives into the sacred and the secular signal something bad in our culture? don't you think we shouldn't attribute things as "secular" or "christian" b/c in the end, everything can be redeemed?" spoken like a true A.W. Tozer advocate, the rest of the class agreed and we went on. i never liked the idea of a CD being "christian" or "secular." on the one hand, it's insulting human beings who are in fact christians (christian Cd's will not be going to heaven). on the other hand, it gives the "secular" Cd's no chance at even receiving the gift of Jesus and of eternal life. so that alone should give us cause to throw out the words, right? everyone (and thing?) should have the chance to accept jesus as their saviour....even those "secular" cd's. my work here is done. good night.


Anonymous said...

Ben is also taking systematic theology! How cute, you guys can share notes. :) Or maybe teach me something someday. Ben talks much smarter now that he's in seminary. I like it, except that my brain is usually fried afer work, and I can't fully comprehend what he's saying. Your prof is from Finland, Ben's is from Croatia and also has a thick accent. It's like you two are practically living the same life!'re in sunny California and we're in rainy, cold Minnesota where the high will be 49 on Monday. :)


nateshorb said...

i wish i had a computer with internet access so i could keep up with this. i enjoyed reading this and i'm excited that you love learning and that you are learning good things and i wish you the best and i miss you.

Ben said...

I came to here to mention that my Systematic Theology professor also has a thick foreign accent, but I see that my wife has beaten me to the punch. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

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