Thursday, September 16, 2004

encountering the forever happy person.

you ever talk to someone who no matter what you say, seems to find something positive about it? for instance, i've been having some real problems with two fillings i got a few weeks ago at the dentist and when relaying this to a dentist receptionist out here she seemed to hear only good things. "oh you found out why your teeth have been hurting for so long and why they will hurt for 6 months more?--that's great!" the dentist receptionist said.

i was confused. what was great about finding out that you won't be able to use your back teeth to chew food for the next 6 months. "at least now you know and you can get better, day by day!" the dentist receptionist said again. to this, i had no clue what to say. i stopped in mid-sentence and couldn't come up with any response. "just know that every day it's gonna get better, until one day you'll be back to normal." the dentist receptionist intervened again. i was close to fury. here i was, trying to communicate my problem to her and the office, reporting back to them so they could better assist me and possibly see me again (i went in yesterday and the dentist here told me to ask my dentist back home about some filling etching used b/c that might be the cause of my pain and discomfort). however, this woman was acting as if i just called to say the pain was gone! no, the pain is not gone. it's still exists. just b/c now i know why it exists doesn't mean we act as if the problem is solved. it's like going to the hospital after getting shot and having a nurse tell you "you've been shot and that's why your hurting!" it's just not the answer or response your looking for. you want them to try and fix the wound not gloat over it and dress it up to sound as if it's self-fixing. i know the human body is a wonderful and powerful thing and can heal itself amazingly with its complex immune system and what not. however, when a human being has intervened with this system and caused the problem, it's not like it's easy for the body to respond with, "okay, so there's this acid filling etching stuff in me---we'll just flush it out." no, it sometimes takes a little work on behalf of the medical / dental staff of the world.

half of this doesn't make sense, but if any part of it does, i'll be happy. it just blows me away sometime when you say something to someone and they smile, and act like they heard you but didn't process what was said. that just kills me. (okay, now i'm sounding like holden caufield...better stop now).

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