Wednesday, July 21, 2004

little kids vs. big adults.

home again, but not for long.

today i went back to work at borgess and was asked to stay a few hours later to help cover the several "firings" that have gone on in the past few weeks. i said i would (i've been on vacation and going on in a few days again, how could i say no w/out feeling guilty?) anyways, again and again i've marveled out how slow time can go when you're asked to stay longer at work than expected. time is very very funny when it comes to situations like this and i'm convinced God is behind part of it. why do these hours drag or rather, why do most hours at work drag on and on and on? when i was leaving the parking lot this evening, i thought of how almost all the time, time passes by like lightning. it's 2004 and almost 2005? i can't believe it. i can remember when i bought a "class of 2000" t-shirt as a third grader and people used to gasp when i wore it as if the year 2000 was so futuristic, and i was some weirdo small child who liked to be prophetic or something. but at work...adults get back into little-kid-mode, and those last few hours feel as long as the day before you got to go over to friend's house and spend the night. i can remember as a 7-year-old thinking time dragged, particularly when i was anticipating a special, life-changing event (i.e., going to a birthday party or to an amusement park). i also remember thinking about God and making deals with Him to NOT come back (via "the Rapture"---why i thought about this so much i have no idea---baptist church perhaps:) until this special event in my life had passed. "Please God! Don't come and take us all into heaven until after this saturday when I turn 8!!! Amen!" this was a reoccuring prayer throughout my childhood...not something i'm making up. so, i come to 22 years old and realize that perhaps, me and the next 7-year-old down the block might have more in common than we think. time drags before something special is going to happen in our lives. for me and most of the "adult" world, this special occassion is the end of the work day. for the 7-year-old, it's something much more interesting. which proves what i've been thinking all along: put me in a room with a small child who anticipates jesus coming everyday over an old man who thinks he knows everything any day.

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