Sunday, July 25, 2004

doing good with no further options.

you ever tell someone a well-known truth or principle to live by, and immediately feel trapped by the words b/c they are not resonating at all with you and your own life? like for instance, when you overcome some weakness in your life--whatever it may be--you feel good and are proud of your accomplishment. however, what about when there's really no other options? example: i was challenging my brother destry today to maybe give up AOL instant messenger for awhile (at least this week while we're in the bahamas) and he said he already gave it up the last two weeks. mind you, it was impossible for him to get on instant messenger b/c there was no internet hook-up location where he was at for the past two get my point. anyways, i tried to explain this to him, how this wasn't a sacrifice b/c you really didn't have it in the first place to give up, and he wasn't buying it. then i thought of all the many things i do this with in my own life, and how i 'give up' things that aren't really within my free will to give up. it's kind of like saying, "which of these options sounds best to you?" and then they're being only one option to pick from. "I pick THAT one," and applause, i'm a good person once again.

but anyways, that's what's been on the brain and bugging me lately. it's the second day in the beautiful bahamas and i'm trying to love every minute of it. thank God for turquoise water and huge cockroaches that come out at night. they're a good two inches long. good night friend.


Chalupa said...

I found myself in one of these situations the other day. Now I just need to work on correcting the problem. Don't you love the roaches? Every time I was in Mexico we'd see some huge ones...usually much bigger than 2".

Anonymous said...

perhaps you should give up blogging for a week???
-your convicted conscience

Maria said...

No way! Then we'd all have to give up reading Neville's blog for a week! ;-)