Monday, July 12, 2004

adventures in midwesting.

since last tuesday morning at 5 a.m., i've been trekking with my friend tara from new jersey (and a few others here and there) all over the midwest, seeing the best and not so best our beautiful area of america has to offer. i've had many record breaking waiting at cedar point for 6 hours for one ride, getting on a ride that broke down while i was on it, getting lost in the south side of chicago, and having a tire blowout at 4:00 a.m. on the way home one night. many more moments came and went, but as my journey through michigan, illinois, ohio and finally, the beautiful but petite Scottsburg, indiana, i became more aware of how much i love my home and that home is really not so much a place as it is people. it's been a busy, but delightful pass couple of days, and we've driven well over 1000 miles...but now, i'm back in michigan...and home for a brief moment. after tonight i go to sandy cove to meet up with my family and will be there from tuesday evening till later this week. i have many stories to tell from this past week, but for some reason, none of them seem to fit well to come out right now and so i'll stop and wait for some inspiration. in my dreams, in my bed alone, staring up in the dark, i can't help but wonder where time has gone. summer at age 10 used to feel like 10 years, but now, it feels more like 10 days. i don't understand how this works. i only am realizing again and again that time is still ticking and that i am still along for the ride, occasionally taking control to stop for a minute and breathe...slowly.

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