Saturday, May 21, 2005

Spontaneous Combustion and the 2005 Taylor grads

We all need to do something unplanned every once in a while and today, I was feeling I needed to do that very much. Amidst a load of papers due and books for class to read, I felt the urge to do something that would normally take planning and run with it to make it happen. Sadly, I was the only one up for such a thing, and so, my spontaneous thoughts were flushed down the toilet.

In light of the soon-to-be-graduates of Taylor University, I just wanted to congratulate all of you---especially the ones I really like---on accomplishing four years of education in so little time. And I also wanted to remind you that from here on out, it will be an ongoing battle of learning to live strictly by the book and by the planner, OR choosing to live with purpose and meaning and spontaneous fervor and a willingness at any moment to drop every-thing in life you own and possess, and immediatly run, run, run into the horizon of endless dreams and sunsets; into the place of irrational baby giggles; and into a world where you live for love, and people, and not for schedules or money.

I hope none of you choose the latter of those two. Good day and congrats.


Tara said...

Sometimes, when you get those spontaneous urges to do something ridiculously out of character, you just have to do it...regardless if others go with you or not...If I waited for people to cling onto my own dreams, none of them would be realized...and I'd never have gone to LA, or Ireland, or the U2 concert that changed my life....Just do it, Neville...

. said...