Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Challenging the Fundamental Bunny

For someone who's as careful about what they say as I am, it's no small feat to come out and question the general political stance of my beloved Christian brothers and sisters. Asking "But Why?" may sound simple, but for me, it's not. It's much easier for me to rage and complain and object and scoff on the inside---because I always win the argument when I do that---than it is for me to tell a person what I'm really thinking or wondering at the moment.

And so, lately, I've tried to do just that, and can't tell you what a thrilling and freeing feeling it is. I hope I can keep this up because I'm really starting to like doing this.

(And sorry for beating around the bush---as this post doesn't really delve into "what" exactly I did do---but I'm taking my cue from "Mean Girls" right now and trying not to talk about people behind their backs. But wow, it's much harder than I thought it would be.)


Carol said...

I so wish I could say the right thing, ask the right delving questions, and confront when I really, really want to. But I go along, being "polite," and "holding my tongue." I am a well-trained Christian. I just wish I could say things without being seen as confrontational - but rather someone who can cause insight, re-examination, and real thought. So many times I just go silent and don't defend what I think. I think you should feel proud if you managed to do this!

Neville said...

I am Carol...but at the same time, understand that for me, it's not that I have "arrived" and finally have "learned" how to do this. But rather, I am arriving and learning the good that comes when I do this, even though I continue to often not.

I'm sure I'm just as well-trained as you though, and so "unlearning" is in the end, inevitable.

Carol said...