Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's just a game.

I turned on the TV for 5 minutes today while I was grabbing a quick bite to eat in the middle of writing this very tiring paper on John Wesley's doctrine of salvation, and of course the headline news story at noon was very disturbing.

Apparently, a 13-year-old kid from Palmdale, California was killed last night by another 13-year-old because he was being teased about losing a baseball game. The angry boy couldn't take the post-game teasing anymore, and so, picked up a bat, swung it to the boys side, then to his neck and then to his head. One of the coaches saw and said, "When I heard and saw the blow to the head, I knew the boy was going to die."

And so, this shocking news brings me out of justification talk and sanctification talk and most other post-reformation theological terms that seem to be flooding around in the brain at the moment and I wonder how this boy's parents must feel today. Last night, there son was playing baseball. And yet, before he has time to walk out of the park, he is dead.

Is this what it looks like when we abuse the will and are blind to grace?

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