Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bye, Bye Constantine

I just watched American Idol from tonight and my jaw literally dropped and hung open for a good 15 seconds. Although, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy Constantine is gone (I'm sorry ladies and girls and guys who thought he was cool but I couldn't stand the guy).

But the real question is this: why does America have such an obsession with a blonde guy from the Ukraine named Anthony who sings Celine Dion songs as-flat-as-can-be AND an ex-woman abuser named Scott who seems to sing even worse than the previous week, every time, every new week, guaranteed!??? Is it because, like my co-worker pointed out, we want the normal, average one to win out?

Wake up America! Let's stop voting for the ones that suck just to be funny. This is serious! This is a not a joke. This is not some insignificant childhood talent contest. This is American Idol!


Shaddbulski said...

I could not stand Constantine. I hated how everytime he sang he would kick at the camera and pucker his lips like he was going in for the kill with the women. I also think Simons comment to Scott after he sang is what ultimately what helped him out. I almost wanted to vote for him because I felt so bad for him.

Neville said...

You have pinned pointed everything I hated about Constantine. The lip curl thing, the "sexy eye glare" thing that was soooooo contrived and annoying and just ridiculous. AND, I just got through telling someone in the office here that I think Simon's comment helped Scott out in the end.

Simon, who's side are you one???

OH and the kick-to-the-camera move and the fake-drop-the-mic-stand-every-time-you-finish-singing-a-line was two other moves that Constantine OVER DID so badly on Tuesday, I felt like I wanted to scream at him, "Stop trying to act so look ridiculous!"

Anonymous said...

Since I still don't know what BLOG is, I'll have to register as "other". I haven't met Constantine personally, so my comments are without wisdom, but I called him, "Demon Boy," since the beginning. Those eyes! UGH. And since in his recent interview he commented that he used to be "churchy" until he discovered rock-and-roll, we called in our votes for everyone else except him. But - who would have thought that we'd all be sitting around Tuesday and Wednesday nights every week CARING!! What does that say about US?! :)
Terri Girardi
RBC -- Richland

Neville said...


It says that we are still human. And it reveals how connected to other people we really do want to feel: that we'd watch every week a show like that, just to keep the conversation going with others who also watch it.

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