Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Only seven more to go.

I already have three movies lined up to go on my top ten list of 2005, and while this may sound dorky and lame, I feel like a big burden has been removed from my life because of this. It's usually so stressful trying to dig through all the cream and the crap when it comes to narrowing down all the movies I've seen in one year, but this year seems to be looking up as it isn't even July yet (e.g., Most of the "good" movies don't come out till' summer or fall or around December 31st)!!

So here we go, if I had to make it up right now:

1. "Millions"
2. "Crash"
3. "Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room"

I'm such a dork. Goodniggggghhhhhhhht.


Chalupa said...

Crash is on my list, haven't seen Enron and I wanted to go see Millions when it was down at Castleton. I sometimes have a hard time making up my list of favorites because a lot of times I see a movie a year or two late and love it. Hotel Rwanda or Million Dollar Baby are two good examples of that.

e.shorb said...

please stop calling yourself a dork. i just read a post on nate's blog where you did the same thing. enough is enough - we are all dorks when it comes down to it, so let's move past it together.